Contact the Consumer Protection Division

Thank you for contacting the Office of the Maine Attorney General’s Consumer Information and Mediation Service. The information you provide is kept on file and used to identify trends for enforcement actions as well as forwarded to the Federal Trade Commission.

Although we cannot provide legal advice, your complaint may be one we can offer to mediate through our free, voluntary, non-binding mediation service. If your complaint is one we can mediate, and all parties are willing to participate, one of our mediators will attempt to bring both parties closer to agreement in hopes the complaint will be resolved.

To file a complaint or request mediation, complete this webform. Please upload a copy of any contract or other supporting documents. While our office can help bring people together to discuss a problem, it is your willingness to seek a reasonable solution that achieves results.

To learn more about your consumer rights, please visit Consumer information and our Consumer Law Guide.

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