Shepherd's Purse—Capsella bursa-pastoris

An annual herb, shepherd's purse is a common weed in disturbed areas, gardens, roadsides and old homesites.

shepherds purse plant
Plants grow in clumps to about 20 inches tall. Many small flowers atop erect stems.

shepherds purse rosette of leaves
Stems grow from a rosette of lobed leaves, each up to 4½ inches long and ¾ inch across. Stem leaves are smaller and spear-shaped.

shepherds purse flowers
Flowers are small and white, 4-petaled, up to 1/10 inch across and grow in clusters. Flowers from May to July.

shepherds purse fruit pod
Fruit pods are triangular to heart-shaped, strongly flattened, on a long stalk, about ¼ inch long.

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[Photos, left to right: Robert Vidéki, Doronicum Kft.,; Steve Dewey, Utah State University,; Mary Ellen (Mel) Harte,;Steve Dewey, Utah State University,]