Hairy Galinsoga—Galinsoga ciliata

Also known as Quickweed

A summer annual spread mainly by seeds, hairy galinsoga is a weed of vegetable and nursery crops. It can be introduced with transplants or seedlings.

hairy galinsoga plant
A many branched plant which spreads quickly and shades and crowds out other plants. The stems are erect and covered with small hairs. The roots are shallow, making them easy to pull.

hairy galinsoga leaves
Leaves are opposite, oval to triangaluar and coarsely toothed. They are covered with hairs on the upper surface.

hairy galinsoga flowers
Many small flowers, each about ¼ inch across, are produced on each plant. They consist of 4 to 5 white, 3-toothed outer flowers and many yellow inner flowers. Flower from June until late autumn.

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[Photos, left to right:Ohio State Weed Lab Archive, The Ohio State University,; Joseph M. DiTomaso, University of California - Davis,; Joseph M. DiTomaso, University of California - Davis,]