Welcome to the Division of Purchases' Website

The Division of Purchases' primary function is to procure goods and services that represent the best value to the State of Maine. The Division was established in 1931 and has responsibility under law (5 MRSA, Chapter 155) to make purchases on behalf of all departments and agencies of State Government. We are also authorized to extend the use of our contracts to any interested political subdivisions and/or school administrative units.


It is the vision and goal of the State of Maine Division of Purchases to foster and carry out open and competitive bidding for the procurement of goods and services, wherever practical within State government. In seeking the best value for the State of Maine, we take into consideration varying factors such as life-cycle cost, delivery date, and quality, in addition to price.


It is the mission of the State of Maine Division of Purchases to provide leadership and services for innovative, responsive, and accountable public procurement by working in partnership with State agencies, other governments, and suppliers to provide quality goods and services, striving to optimize taxpayer dollars through a process that meets all applicable laws and administrative requirements.

Procurement Code of Ethics

The Value of Centralized Public Procurement in the State of Maine