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Consultant Prequalification

Please note that prequalification is not required in order to respond to RFQs or RFPs posted on this site; but prequalification is necessary before a contract for work can be executed.

What Does it Mean to be Prequalified?

MaineDOT uses a Qualifications Based Selection (QBS) process when awarding non-construction contracts.  Our list of prequalified consultants forms the foundation of MaineDOT’s consultant selection process when awarding contracts with State and/or Federal funding valued at $150,000 or less.

Being pre-qualified for service item(s) under a specific service area does not mean a consultant is pre-qualified to perform all work generated by MaineDOT within that service area; the project scope and the complexity of same are taken into consideration when considering a consultant from our list of pre-qualified consultants.

  • Is being Pre-qualified a guarantee of work?
  • Does the Department still advertise Request for Proposals (RFP) for contracts valued at $150,000 or less?
    Yes, MaineDOT does occasionally utilize the RFP process for these contracts.
  • If I am not Pre-qualified can I still respond to an RFQ or RFP posted on this website?
    Yes you can.
  • How does MaineDOT award contracts for projects valued at greater than $150,000?
    The Department utilizes the Brooks Act (a QBS process) via an RFP or RFQ. Consultants considered for these contracts are those who have been awarded General Consultant Agreements (GCAs) through MaineDOT’s Department Wide Request for Qualifications Process.

    When selecting consultants for contracts greater than $500,000 MaineDOT utilizes an RFP process.

Visit our prequalification applicationConsultant Prequalification Downloads page to view the Prequalification Application Packets and Prequalified Consultant Lists.

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