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Apex Learning Profile

Apex Learning
Linda Hulce
1 800-453-1454

Provide a concise statement that describes your organization:

Apex Learning is the leading provider of digital curriculum for secondary education to the nation’s school districts. The company’s comprehensive, standards-based online courses help schools successfully engage all students in rigorous coursework and prepare them for high school graduation and beyond.

Since 1997, Apex Learning has sought to increase access to high quality educational material for all students through online learning. From its inception, Apex Learning recognized that a successful online learning experience depends on the quality of the curriculum and its ability to meet the unique needs of each student. The Apex Learning web-based digital curriculum provides complete standards-based online courses in the general studies academic subject areas.

With the Apex Learning digital curriculum, teachers are able to more effectively differentiate instruction and spend more time working one-on-one with students to address individual needs. Multimedia instructional content motivates and engages students, provides multiple representations of concepts, and addresses different learning styles. The ability to move at their own pace allows students to take as much — or as little — time as they need to master the material. The Apex Learning digital curriculum supports success for all students, from those not prepared for grade-level academic challenges to those capable of advanced coursework.

A pioneer in online learning, Apex Learning has been recognized as a leader and innovator for more than 10 years. Apex Learning has served 4,500 school districts in all 50 states and 72 countries with more than 2.8 million student enrollments.

Accreditation - list any accreditation attained:

Apex Learning is committed to high standards, academic excellence, and success for all students. Since 1999, Apex Learning has been accredited as a Distance Education School by the Commission on Schools of the Northwest Association of Accredited Schools (NAAS). The certificate of accreditation recognizes Apex Learning for promoting and maintaining a well-balanced education program and for exceeding standards considered essential for quality education.

Apex Learning courses have been approved by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) as meeting the requirements for establishing the initial-eligibility certification status for high school student-athletes wishing to compete in college. Please visit the NCAA website and enter Apex Learning as the school name to review the list of approved courses.

Apex Learning is authorized by the College Board to provide 14 advanced placement courses.

Describe the pre-service and in-service training in online methodology provided to your organization’s teachers:

Each new Apex Learning online teacher receives extensive training in effective online teaching methods. This includes:

  • One-on-one orientation and training conducted by staff experienced in training and guiding a team of online teachers
  • Online training sessions on an ongoing basis to refresh and continue to develop skills
  • Pairing each new online teacher with an experienced peer teacher for regular coaching and suggestions
  • Weekly follow-ups by the Apex Learning Instruction Department
  • Access to instructional resources including a comprehensive instructional manual with practical navigation suggestions as well as teaching tips

Briefly describe the course offerings available from your organization:

The Apex Learning web-based digital curriculum provides complete standards-based online courses in the general studies academic subject areas – math, science, English, social studies, world languages, fine arts, and health/PE – and in Advanced Placement. With Apex Learning digital curriculum solutions, schools are able to differentiate instruction to address critical challenges and to raise achievement for all students. Apex Learning’s digital curriculum solutions are successfully being used to meet educational objectives by a range of programs including: core programs, alternative schools, credit recovery, remediation, intervention/bridge, acceleration, and virtual schools.

Provide any additional data such as teacher to student ratios, course completion rates, or course pass rates that you would like included in your organization’s profile:

Apex Learning has served provided 900,000 students at 4,700 school districts with more than 3.7 million student enrollments. In the 2008-2009 school year alone, Apex Learning provided 240,000 students with 900,000 enrollments.