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Approved Online Learning Providers

The following online learning providers have successfully completed the application for approval.

Approved online learning providers have:

  1. Demonstrated their experience in meeting the requirements in 20-A MRSA Section 19153(2)(A-G) as outlined below:
    1. The online learning provider must be nonsectarian in its programs, admission policies, employment practices and operations.
    2. Each course offered for a unit of credit must correlate with applicable state-adopted academic standards prior to being offered. All courses must include assessments.
    3. A teacher employed by the online learning provider and providing instruction to students must hold a valid teaching certificate in each content area being taught or receive approval from the commissioner to teach the course.
    4. A teacher employed by the online learning provider must receive appropriate preservice and in-service training pertaining to the organization of the online classroom, programs and courses, the technical aspects of online education, the monitoring of student assessment and other pertinent training.
    5. The online learning provider must verify ongoing student attendance and progress and performance in each course as documented by ongoing assessments in a proctored environment and provide examples of student course work.
    6. Administrators, teachers and other educational staff employed by the online learning provider must comply with the fingerprinting and national criminal history record check requirements as set forth in section 6103.
    7. The online learning program must comply with the State's information technology accessibility policies and standards
  2. Completed a Certificate of Assurances that addresses additional requirements as outlined by the Maine  Department of Education that include:
    1. All of the applicant’s Advanced Placement courses must be approved via the College Board AP Course Audit. Upon request, the applicant will list the names of courses approved in the audit, and include the date of audit for each course.
    2. The applicant agrees to provide all information as directed or as requested by the Commissioner of Education and to maintain all records for the current year and three previous years. Approved online learning providers are required, by July 30th of each year to make the following information related to the previous school calendar year available to the Maine Department of Education:
      1. Courses. A list of courses offered by the online learning provider with Maine students enrolled. Courses offered will meet the relevant requirements as outlined in 20-A MRSA Section 19153(2)(A - G).
      2. Students. The number of Maine students participating in courses offered by the approved online learning provider, including the number of full-time students, part-time students and full-time equivalent students enrolled.
      3. Student performance. Student performance for students enrolled in online learning provider courses, including the academic achievement of students enrolled in each course offered through the Maine Online Learning program.
      4. Costs. Expenditures of state and non-state funds made for online learning provider courses.
      5. Limitation. The number of Maine students who were unable to enroll in an online learning provider course because of space limitation.
    1. The applicant will provide evidence of their status as a private organization.
    2. The applicant agrees to inform, in writing, the Commissioner of Education of any significant changes to its program that might impact this certificate of assurances.
  3. Completed an online learning provider profile that includes the following information:
    1. Name of organization
    2. Website address
    3. Phone number
    4. Contact person
    5. Email address of contact person
    6. Statement that describing the organization
    7. Any accreditation attained
    8. Description of pre-service and in-service training in online methodology provided to the online learning provider’s teachers
    9. Description of the platform used to facilitate the teaching of courses offered by the online learning provider
    10. Description of the course offerings available from you’re the online learning provider
    11. Additional data such as teacher to student ratios, course completion rates, or course pass rates