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Standard 5 Resources for Induction

Professional Development/Support is provided throughout the year for beginning teachers.

a. Before school begins an orientation session for beginning educators is held with their mentors in attendance, to discuss the district induction program and other district policies and procedures.

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b. Two to three days of professional development are offered to beginning educators designed to meet their expressed needs.

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Maine Education Association.  Classroom Management Workshop: I Can Do It!  Information is available in the fall at 

Oswego City School District NY 13126. New Teacher On Line Resources.  List with hundreds of links to resources for teachers.  Includes categories for new teachers and specific grade level resources.  Retrieved February 10, 2007 from

The Maine Mathematics and Science Alliance (MMSA) PO Box 5359 Augusta, ME 04332. Telephone 207 287-6646  MMSA is a K-12 science and mathematics education organization in Maine.  It provides content mentoring through a variety of programs and projects.   For additional information contact Page Keeley, Senior Program Director, K-12 Science.

Mentoring for Student Success (eMSS). Program delivers mentoring for beginning science teachers via an online technology platform. The Maine Mathematics and Science Alliance is the lead organization for eMSS in Maine.  Information available at

The Northern New England Co Mentoring Network (NNECN) is a collaborative effort of Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont.  NNECN offers a three-year program of professional development for middle and high school mathematics and science teachers. Maine Mathematics and Science Alliance is a partner organization. Information about MMSA’s current projects is available at

c. Beginning educators and their mentors participate in the coaching cycle a minimum of three times during the school year using Maine's Initial Teacher Certification Standards.

Recommended Mentor Training:  Maine’s Three Day Model