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 Preschool programs should be made available for all children ages 3 to 5.


An orderly and safe school environment should be created by setting high standards for personal respect for all members of the school community.


Parent/school relationships should be strengthened in all schools.


Literacy programs and parenting education courses should be made available in each school district.


Vocational/technical education should be made accessible to all learners, K-adult.


Summer youth employment programs for students at risk should be expanded with support from the private sector and the state.


Programs for prevention of school dropouts should be expanded by providing special grants on a regional basis in collaboration with the private sector and other community agencies.


Student success should be enhanced by positive early intervention strategies in each school.


Teacher education and staff development programs should include courses in learning styles, child development, competency-based curricula, assessment measurement instruments, and prevention.


All students should have access to appropriate support services from counselors, social workers, and school nurses.


State planning grants should be tied to school improvement plans.


A statewide public awareness program should be developed to focus attention on dropout prevention, the importance of high school completion and the availability of post-secondary programs for adults.


Local/regional/state coalitions (partnerships) between the private sector, community agencies, schools, and post-secondary institutions should be established to assess community and state needs for developing and/or improving services for students at risk and their families.


Programs for teen parents to remain and succeed in school should be established in all school units.


Special long-term funding to support schools in developing and improving strategies for dropout prevention and recovery should be enacted by the legislature.


All schools should offer educational alternatives to every student, K-adult.