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What Kind of Expenses Are Reimbursed To A Surrogate Parent?

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Maine Department of Education

Office of Special Services

23 State House Station

Augusta, ME 04333-0023


Telephone (207) 624-6650

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November 2012

Mileage Allowance -


Surrogate parents are paid a mileage       allowance at the current State rate for use of their personal vehicles.


Meals and Lodging -


Surrogate parents are allowed meal and lodging expenses at the current State rates.


Telephone Expenses -


Surrogate parents are allowed actual costs for telephone toll charges related to special education issues.


Out -of- State Travel -


Whenever out-of- state travel is being considered, the surrogate parent must contact the Department of Education, one month prior to departure, for prior approval and necessary reimbursement forms.


Other Expenses -


Surrogate parents are allowed actual and reasonable costs for additional expenses incurred in the execution of their duties (e.g., child care, copying, etc.)  when accompanied by receipt for expenses of over five ($5) dollars.


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