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School-Located Vaccine Clinics for Influenza

Welcome to the School-Located Vaccine Clinic (SLVC) web page, which is your source for the SLVC Toolkit and other important communication updates.

The Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention (Maine CDC) and the Maine Department of Education are continuing a joint effort to build a sustainable SLVC program in Maine schools. The past efforts of all the school nurses in offering SLVCs have led to improved health and attendance of school-aged children. We look forward to your continued support.


Questions concerning SLVC activities may be submitted by contacting Ruth Lawson-Stopps at or 207-441-1325.


School-Located Vaccine Clinics for Influenza: 2013-14 SLVC Toolkit. Complete Toolkit in PDF.

Part 1: Clinic Registration

1.1 Eligibility for State Supplied Influenza Vaccine in the SLVC Setting

1.2 Webinar Notes: SLVC Registration – First Steps

1.2.1 SAU SLVC ImmPact Contact Information

1.3 Webinar Notes: SLVC Registration – Scenario 1

1.4 Webinar Notes: SLVC Registration – Scenario 2

1.5 Webinar Notes: SLVC Registration – Final Steps

1.6 Clinic Creation


Part 2: Documents to Send Home

2.1 Letter Template for Parents/Guardians

2.2 Maine CDC SLVC Fact Sheet

2.3 VIS Live Intranasal Influenza Vaccine

2.4 VIS Inactivated Influenza Vaccine

2.5 Health Screen and Permission Form

2.6 Information Sheet for Parents of Children Less than Nine Years Old

2.7 After the Shot Parent Information Sheet

Part 3: Clinic Guidance

3.1 Framework for Planning SLVCs for Influenza

3.1.1  Timeline – School Working Independently

3.1.2  Timeline – School Working with a Partner

3.1.3  Timeline – Partner Working with a School

3.2 Standing Order for Influenza SLVCs (Model Plan)

3.3 Template – School Physician Letter

3.4 Health Screen and Permission Form

3.5 Health Screen and Permission Form Guidance

3.6 Summary Recommendations: Prevention and Control of Influenza with Vaccines: Recommendations of the
Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) -United States, 2013-14

3.7 Template – Adult Refusal to Stay After Receiving Vaccine

3.8 Model Plan: Reporting Adverse Events Following Influenza Vaccination

3.8.1 VAERS Form

Part 4: Model Emergency Plans

4.1 Model Plan for Anaphylaxis

4.2 Model Plan for Administration of Epinephrine & Benadryl

4.3 Model Plan for Evaluation and Follow-up of an Exposure to Blood or Other Potentially Infectious Material

4.4 Model Plan for Prevention of Post-Immunization Syncope-Related Injuries

Part 5: Vaccine Storage and Handling

5.1 Proper Maintenance and Storage of Vaccine

5.2 SLVC Checklist for Safe Vaccine Handling and Storage

5.3 Transportation of Influenza Vaccine

5.4 Ordering and Storage Frequently Asked Questions

Part 6: Doses Administered Reporting and Billing for Vaccine Administration Fees

6.1 Doses Administered Reporting

6.2 Roster Billing Instructions for MaineCare Clients

6.3 Billing Private Insurance

Part 7: Communications

7.1 Questions

7.2 DOE SLVC Listserv

7.3 SLVC Website

7.4 SLVC Team Contact Information

7.5 Other Useful Contacts

7.6 SLVC Poster Template