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Strategies to Increase Healthy Eating


•  Try a new vegetable or healthy food each week.

•  Encourage “three bite” rule (i.e. parents encourage child to try at least 3 bites of new foods or vegetables).

•  Consider using “grade the vegetables” approach

•  A = excellent, let's have this again

•  C = OK, we'll try again

•  F = No Way! (wait at least 3 months before trying again)

•  Eat only at the kitchen or dining room table instead of nibbling while doing other things.

•  Teach children that all foods are OK. Some, such as vegetables, are “grow tall” foods and others, like candy, are not.

•  Drink a glass of water before and after each meal.

•  Plan your meals and snacks ahead of time. Unplanned eating is often high-calorie eating.

•  Start your meal with a salad or vegetables.

•  Allow yourself only one serving. Try portioning out your food before bringing it to the table.

•  Use a smaller dinner plate than usual to make the portion look larger.

•  Eat slowly so you'll feel full. Try putting your fork down between bites if that helps you slow down. Sip rather than gulp your beverage.

•  Choose foods that you'll have to work at eating. For example: it takes longer to eat an orange than to drink a glass of orange juice.

•  Be wise about dessert. Fresh fruit will fill you up and satisfy a sweet tooth.

•  Choose healthy snacks such as fresh fruit, low-fat popcorn, or pretzels.


Strategies to Increase Physical Activity


•  Encourage “30 minute” rule for inactivity – i.e. don't allow kids to sit for more than 30 minutes without moving.

•  Encourage kids and adults to be active after prolonged periods of inactivity – i.e. encourage them to be active for 30 minutes after school (or work) before sitting to begin homework.

•  Walk while talking on your cell phone.

•  Encourage “weekend rule” – i.e. encourage some type of physical activity for at least 30 minutes of each day of the weekend.

•  Increase daily activity levels (park further from door, if 2 flights or less, take the stairs).

•  Keep physical activity fun!

•  Remember to fit physical activity/play into your schedule every day.