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Child Nutrition Information

Child Nutrition Services
23 State House Station Augusta, ME 04333-0023
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Child Nutrition Programs Tri State Conference

Educators from Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine come together to discuss nutrition and education initiatives. This conference is hosted and sponsored by Child Nutrition Programs from all three states. These providers are responsible for feeding groups of children according to USDA meal patterns.

Killington Vermont Tri State Conference April 10 2014

Highlights:Tristate Conference

NERO CNP Civil Rights Update

Nondiscrimination Statement Revision 2013 (English)

Nondiscrimination Statement Revision 2013 (Spanish)

CEP powerpoint presentation













Tri State Conference

May 13th, 2013

Bartlett, New Hamphsire


Breakout sessions had some great workshops

Welcome from USDA, James Arena-DeRosa and Candice Stoibers

“Take Back the Knife!” Cyndie Story, Chef Cyndie’s Nutrition Kitchen;

Sponsored by the New England Dairy and Food Council and the Maine Dairy and Nutrition Council


Top Ten Signs of CN Burnout – (Stress/Conflict Resolution) Craig Weidel "OPPORTUNITYNOWHERE"

sponsored by Maine and Vermont School Nutritin Association

What do you do when the Newsperson Calls? Speaker: Charles Perenick, Public Affairs Director, NERO/USDA

Local Products for Local Schools Panel Discussion (NSLP)

Local Procurement and Geographic Preference Alicia Rampulla, NERO/USDA (CACFP)

New Breakfast Regulations & New Lunch Regulations for NSLP Martine Cherry, NERO/USDA

Online CACFP Nutrition Education Training:  Dr. Karrie Kalich, Keene State College (CACFP)

“Ten Feet Tall and Bullet Proof!” Craig Weidel

Overview of New Child Care Regulations (CACFP)  Alicia Rampulla, NERO/USDA

Top Ten Signs of CN Burnout – (Stress/Conflict Resolution) Speaker:  Craig Weidel

Healthier US School Challenge:  Panel Discussion (NSLP)

CACFP and Serious Deficiency:  Tina Namien, FNS/USDA

Overview of the NSLP Administrative Review Laurie Colgan

New Admistrative reveiw process PowerPoint prepared by Laurie Colgan