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Child Nutrition Programs

Tri State Conference

May 13th, 2013

Bartlett, New Hamphsire


Breakout sessions had some great workshops

Welcome from USDA, James Arena-DeRosa and Candice Stoibers

“Take Back the Knife!” Cyndie Story, Chef Cyndie’s Nutrition Kitchen;

Sponsored by the New England Dairy and Food Council and the Maine Dairy and Nutrition Council



Top Ten Signs of CN Burnout – (Stress/Conflict Resolution) Craig Weidel "OPPORTUNITYNOWHERE"

sponsored by Maine and Vermont School Nutritin Association

What do you do when the Newsperson Calls? Speaker: Charles Perenick, Public Affairs Director, NERO/USDA

Local Products for Local Schools Panel Discussion (NSLP)

Local Procurement and Geographic Preference Alicia Rampulla, NERO/USDA (CACFP)

New Breakfast Regulations & New Lunch Regulations for NSLP Martine Cherry, NERO/USDA

Online CACFP Nutrition Education Training:  Dr. Karrie Kalich, Keene State College (CACFP)

“Ten Feet Tall and Bullet Proof!” Craig Weidel

Overview of New Child Care Regulations (CACFP)  Alicia Rampulla, NERO/USDA

Top Ten Signs of CN Burnout – (Stress/Conflict Resolution) Speaker:  Craig Weidel

Healthier US School Challenge:  Panel Discussion (NSLP)

CACFP and Serious Deficiency:  Tina Namien, FNS/USDA

Overview of the NSLP Administrative Review Laurie Colgan

New Admistrative reveiw process PowerPoint prepared by Laurie Colgan