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HACCP is a scientific-based method for documenting food safety by anticipating and preventing all potential food safety hazards. Hazards are any chemical, physical or biological factor that causes a food product to be unsafe.


Introduced July 25, 1996, to "require meat and poultry plants under federal inspection to take responsibility for, among other things, reducing the contamination of meat and poultry products with disease causing bacteria."

Part of the Reauthorization Act of 2004, requires that each school food authority shall implement a school food safety program, in the preparation and service of each meal served to children, that complies with HACCP.

The first step in the HACCP process is to have written documented Standard Operation Procedures. SOP's are written instructions on how and when things are to be done, in this case in the school kitchen. Some sample SOP's can be located at NFSMI web page. These are samples of SOP's that schools can use to make the process easier. These documents can be downloaded and changed to fit your situation.

Another handy document to have available is the Maine Food Code. This document must be followed when developing your HACCP plan. You can make your SOP's and HACCP plan more restrictive then the Maine Food Code however it can not be less restrictive.


Sample Standard Operation Procedures can be downloaded from the web at the following address:

If you chose do use the “W” for Word document, you will be able to edit these documents to save you time in changing them to fit the needs for your school


To view the USDA Recipes for Schools and you can use this link:

This will list the USDA recipes in alphabetical order.  You can look at the recipes and either print them out or just mark your recipes where the Critical Control Points are and what it is.

For more information contact David Hartley.