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Crediting Hummus in School Meals

The ingredients used in hummus vary by manufacturer and the Food Buying Guide does not contain hummus due to this variability.

Hummus can credit as either a meat/meat alternate or a vegetable but not both in the same meal. A serving of hummus must contain enough garbanzo beans and/or tahini (sesame paste) to equal the minimum creditable serving for either meat/meat alternates (¼ ounce equivalent) or vegetables (⅛ cup). The rest of the minimum daily serving for each grade group must be met by adding other meat/meat alternates or other vegetables.

  • Garbanzo beans and tahini both credit as a meat/meat alternate. A ¼-cup serving of garbanzo beans or 2 tablespoons of tahini credit as 1 ounce equivalent of meat/meat alternate.
  • Garbanzo beans also credit as a vegetable (beans and peas subgroup). Vegetables credit based on the actual volume served.

Districts are responsible for maintaining documentation that shows how a serving of hummus provides an appropriate amount of each meal pattern component being credited.

  • Commercial products credit only with an original CN label from the product carton or a product formulation statement signed by an official of the manufacturer stating the amount of meat/meat alternate or vegetable in the product per serving.
  • For hummus made from scratch, menu planners must evaluate the meat/meat alternate or vegetable ingredients in the hummus recipe and be able to document the amounts per serving based on the USDA Food Buying Guide.

The only hummus products with a CN label are below:

080887 1790 HUMMUS 12/12/16

080888 1790 CHIPOTLE HUMMUS 12/12/16

M1790-P18123 Grecian Delight Foods 1201 Tonne Rd. (847) 364-1010 06/22/2005

Processing Arturo's of Chicago Elk Grove Village, IL 60007

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