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School Food Service Equipment

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 will provide grant money of $300,008 for equipment to Maine Schools.  This is great!!  There is a very short turn around time for the districts and the State Agency, and we do not have all the details yet.

recovery seal

Think about this when doing your equipment purchasing.

"A bill to create jobs, restore economic growth, and strengthen America's middle class through measures that modernize the nation's infrastructure, enhance America's energy independence, expand educational opportunities, preserve and improve affordable health care, provide tax relief, and protect those in greatest need, and for other purposes."   taken from open congress web page




Maine Department of Education Information Letter


Application History


FINAL Requests

38% of districts in the NSLP applied for grants

276 applications for evaluation

2.5 million dollars in request



Spreadsheet of SAU's Receiving Grant Money

The spreadsheet lists the district, school, equipment and award amount.  If for any reason the district is not interested in the grant please let me know ASAP so it can be awarded to another Maine schools. Award letters will be going out this week.


District School Equipment Make/Model  Equipment


Bangor Down East dishwasher Champion D-H1-E  $7,355  $ 7,355
Beals Beals Elem dishwasher Hobart AM15  $9,195  $8,000
Biddeford Biddeford intermediate walkin norlake kodf66  $5,779  $5,779
Charlotte  Charlotte reachin Traulsen ALT232DUT-FHS  $7,895  $6,072
East Millinocket Schenck HS dishwasher Hobart AM15-2  $9,395  $8,000
Harmony Harmony Elementary dishwasher Hobart AM15-6  $9,495  $8,000
Limestone Limestone Comm School oven dbl Blodgett FDFG100  $13,000  $7269
Millinocket Granite St reachin TR21R4HG  $6,419  $6,000
Millinocket Stearns HS reachin TR3R-3G  $8,247  $6,000
Robbinston Robbinston dishwasher Hobart LKiH3  $5,009  $5,009
Robbinston Robbinston oven Garland SS686  $5,742  $ 5,742
RSU 19 Hartland oven Southbend SLES/20SC  $8,200  $6,500
RSU 19 Corinna Elem reachin True  T-72F  $5,060  $5,060
RSU 25 Miles Lane oven Blodgett dfg100  $ 6,345  $6,345
RSU 25 Miles Lane dishwasher Hobart AM15-2  $11,300  $8,000
RSU 24 Mt view Oven   7249  6199
SAD 01 Pine Street reachin true TR2R-2S  $5,002  $5,002
SAD 01 Zippel freezer Delfield SMF2-S  $5,029  $5,029
SAD 09 Academy Hill oven blodgett200  $12,895  $7269
SAD 14 East Grand dishwasher Hobart AM15-1  $7,525  $7,525
SAD 14 East Grand Range Garland  $5,021  $5,021
SAD 17 High School oven dbl blodgett zep  $9,695  $5129
SAD 19 Lubec walkin  $23,587  $20,000
SAD 20 Fort Fairrield HS/MS oven Blodgett Mark V  $12,200   $7269
SAD 25 Katahdin Elem Reachin delfield 615XL-S  $4,919  $ 4,919
SAD 31 High school walkin Nor Lake  $19,595  $ 19,595
SAD 36 HS oven Blodgett Mark V  $6,584  $ 6,500
SAD 37 Cherryfield dishwasher Hobart LX14-3  $5,001  $ 5,001
SAD 40 union elem walkin bally  $21,975  $ 20,000
SAD 41 High School oven blodgett DFG100  $6,495  $ 6495
SAD 44 Middle oven Blodgett DFG100  $6,295  $ 6,295
SAD 49 Clinton steamer Cleveland 21CET16  $5,595  $5,595
SAD 55 Sacopee Middle walkin Bally 81076  $11,435  $11,435
SAD 67 Ella Burr dishwasher Hobart AM15  $9,020  $ 8,000
SAD 70 Mill Pond School walk in norlake 0901476SA-A  $13,599  $13,599
Southern Aroostook Southern Aroostook evaporator for walkin trenton teha008h2hs2bb  $12,000  $ 12,000
Westbrook Canal walkin norlake kodf7781c  $10,530  $ 10,000
Westbrook Saccarappa walkin norlake kodf7781c  $10,530  $ 10,000


Note: amount to be determined, will be at least $6500 but will not exceed 10,000.  this will be determned if any grants are refused.


Well by now you guessed it.  We received more applications then expected, which shows the need.  Funds were not awarded for installation and shipping, so the number of requests could be maximized to schools. the committee struggled making the awards to the few from the many.  The committee wants to encourage schools to use local equipment suppliers and labor for the purchase and installation of equipment.  Not all districts were 100% funded.  Maxi um awards were put on some equipment based on quotes from all submitted.   Each district was also capped at dollars 20,000.  the committee realizes it may be difficult to obtain local funds for the balance.  therefore we are requesting with in ten days of the letter notify DOE?CNS yes or no I the district will accept the grant

What Happens Next

1.  Schools will get letters with the above information.  Schools MUST confirm they do want the grant money by June 8th 2009.

2.  Agreements must be signed and returned to DOE if not already submitted. (agreement link below)

3. Schools order and install equipment.

4.  Schools submit claim for equipment reimbursement with invoices for approved equipment. (claim link below)

5.  DOE will issue paperwork for check to be cut to SAU

6. SAU receive check.

to record the grant using Maine's chart of accounts:

revnue 600-293-000-4554

expenses 600-293-0000-3100-6310-90




Forms On Line (Word Docs)

ARRA Applications

ARRA Application Supplement

ARRA Info Sheet

ARRA Claim Form

ARRA Agreement

Forms On line (PDF)

ARRA Applications

ARRA Application Supplement

ARRA Info Sheet

ARRA Claim Form

ARRA Agreement



Q.  Can I buy a different piece of equipment then awarded.

A.  NO, it must be the same piece of equipment for the school awarded to.  if this becomes a problem contact walter beesley 624-6875


Q.  When can I begin the purchase procedure?

A.  NOW, the list is what the award and school are for.  the letter will be your written documentation.  schools all over the country will be ordering equipment.