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Letter to Stakeholders


December 15, 2010


Dear Stakeholders:

Based on the results of our email to stakeholders seeking recommendations on the next step in the chapter 33 amendment process, the DOE staff working group has recommended to Commissioner Faherty that the department undertake a consensus-based rulemaking (CBR) process.  The Commissioner accepted our recommendation today.
Attached is our memo to the Commissioner outlining our reasons for recommending consensus-based rulemaking (CBR), as well as the proposed size and make-up of the CBR Team and a proposed meeting schedule. 

Accordingly, we are writing to request that each of the seven interest groups comprising the existing stakeholders nominate one participant to serve on the CBR Team and provide the name of the proposed person to the Commissioner by Monday, January 10, 2011.  That participant will be expected to represent the interests of those persons and entities in his or her interest group at CBR Team meetings.  We propose that the first meeting of the CBR Team take place on January 27, 2011, at a time and place to be announced.
Upon acceptance by the Commissioner of the CBR Team, the official function of the existing stakeholder group ends, although the stakeholders may attend CBR team meetings as observers.

On behalf of the Commissioner I wish to thank everyone for their work and participation throughout the past few months (and years for some of you!).  We look forward to working with you in the months ahead.



Arthur J. Keenan for
Ch. 33 Committee