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Chapter 33 Stakeholder Meeting, September 21, 2011

Cross Office Building, Room 103


Ansley Newton, MDOE, Facilitator
Jonathan Braff, MDOE
Angela Wing, The Children’s Center
Nancy Cronin, Maine Developmental Disabilities Center
Barbara Gunn, Director, Southern Penobscot Regional Program
Diane Howard, Attorney, Disability Rights Center of Maine
Alison Marchese, MADSEC
Jonathan Braff, MDOE
Jonathan Kimball, Woodfords
Sandra MacArthur, MSBA
Debbie Gilmer, Syntiro
Jude Herb, Parent
Deb Davis, Parent
Nancy Dube, DOE
Frank McCabe Maine Association of School Psychology
Robin Pelletier Maine Parent Federation
Dean Bailey, Sweetser

The meeting begin with a celebration of the work we have accomplished and a review of the journey ahead of us.

Ansley reviewed the process for the day which included breaking into small groups and looking at each others drafts of areas that were written last week. The group then came back together to come to consensus on Training, Planful Response, Notification, Reporting and Data Collection.

Most of the work from Group 1 and 2 reached group consensus , but areas such as Crisis Plans, Annual Reporting of data to DOE and the Complaint section will need to be revisited.

We did not get to review definitions at this meeting. Included below are the areas that still need to be addressed for the next two meetings.

  • Please note the Group 1 and Group 2 work are in separate attachments making it easier to revise at the next meeting.

Things that need to be addressed in upcoming meetings

  • Review the F Language originally in Planful Response around crisis plans
  • Revisit the definition of Physical restraint in the context of physical escort and moving students
  • Come to consensus on the Documentation Section
  • Define Covered Entities under Scope section of CH 33
  • Review the Complaint process section. (consensus reached on annual notification to parents)
  • Come to consensus on definition language

Diane offered to provide a definition on serious and bodily harm and draft language around crisis plans in context of the original F section in Planful Response