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Data Proposal for Chap 33


Currently all schools have to report to the State for the Safe Schools database on an __________ basis.   It is proposed that this system be expanded to create a central database on behavioral management for Chapter 33.

Schools would create documentation for all incidents of seclusion/restraint that is consistently used throughout their schools.  Reporting to the State would be in the form of standard fields that all schools would need to fill out by building.   No student specific information would be reported, only aggregate data.  These would include:

  • Number of crisis evaluation by mobile crisis
  • Number of calls to local, county or state law enforcement
  • Number of incidents of seclusion
  • Unduplicated number of students who experienced seclusion
  • Number of incidents standing restraint (do not include physical escorts)
  • Number of incidents of seated restraint
  • Number of incidents of prone or supine restraint
  • Number of restraints that lasted more than 30 minutes
  • Number of times restraint happened more than three times per hour
  • Unduplicated number of students who experience restraint
  • Total minutes of restraint for all students during the _________
  • Number of injuries to students that required treatment as a result of restraint
  • Number of injuries of staff that required treatment as a result of restraint
  • Number of staff trained in behavioral management that took part in restraint or seclusions
  • Number of untrained staff who took part in restraint or seclusion
  • % of parents notified within 3 hours of end of behavioral intervention
  • % of parents mailed documentation of behavioral intervention by next school day
  • Number of debriefing held

Questions that need to be answered by the Group:

  • What is the easiest way to gather this data?
  • What is the minimum level of this data we want to have?
  • What is the least expensive way of gathering this data?
  • Who should be required to report the data?
    • Public?
    • Special Purpose?
    • Day Cares?
    • Developmental Treatment?
    • CDS?
    • Head Start?
  • Once the data is gathered, who will see it?
  • How should it be analyzed?
  • Should it be published?
  • What steps should be taken if a problem is identified?
  • What steps can be taken of a problem is identified?