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Chapter 33
Comments Received

Comments may be submitted to:

Comments received in 2000 at the time of the initial promulgation of the rule.

03/19/10 MADSEC side by side comparison in PDF

10/27/10 Margaret Degon in PDF

10/28/10 Will Burrow in PDF

10/28/10 Pender Makin in PDF

11/01/10 Jude Herb in PDF

11/02/10 Jude Herb in PDF

11/01/10 Ron Taglienti NAMI in PDF

11/02/10 Deb Gilmer in PDF

11/08/10 Diane Smith in PDF

11/22/10 DOE summary of stakeholder email input in PDF

11/23/10 Dean Bailey in PDF

11/30/10 Natasha Suleiman in PDF

02/16/11 Deb Davis in PDF