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Task Force to Create Seamless Pre-Kindergarten

Through Grade Sixteen Educational Systems







Achieving Prosperity for All Maine Citizens - report (pdf)


Task Force Charge

The Task Force is charged with recommending to the Governor a strategy that develops seamless Pre-Kindergarten through Sixteenth grade educational systems in the State of Maine.

To that end, the Task Force shall:

    1. Examine options for planning, efficiencies and spending reform across Pre-Kindergarten through Sixteenth grade educational systems in Maine;
    2. Examine all components of Pre-Kindergarten through Sixteenth grade educational systems in Maine to remove barriers to student movement between the sectors, including strategies for sharing academic performance data across sectors;
    3. Examine pre-kindergarten to public school transition issues, educational aspirations of Maine students and needs of students who are first in their families to seek post-secondary education;
    4. Examine finance models for systems with universal access; and
    5. Identify strategies that promote college readiness and college success for all.

    The Task Force shall be led by the Commissioner of Education and be composed of the Chancellor of the University of Maine System, the President of the Community College System and eighteen (18) other members, appointed by, and serving at the pleasure of, the Governor. The Task Force shall meet at times and places called by the Commissioner with assistance from the Governor’s Office and state agencies as necessary and appropriate to carry out its activities from existing resources. The members of the Committee shall serve without compensation.

    Final Report

    The Task Force shall submit a final report to the Governor by January 15, 2005. The final report must include recommendations for creating seamless Pre-Kindergarten through Sixteenth grade educational systems. Upon submission of the final report, the Task Force and the authority of this Executive Order shall dissolve.