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Presentations And Materials

Completed Presentations

NECAP Report Workshop and Materials


Standards, Assessment, and Instruction:  Connecting the Dots - November 2009

Instructional Planning for the 2009/2010 School Year. The Maine Department of Education held the first in a series of workshops to help Maine educators understand accountability standards and their relation to the Maine Learning Results: Parameters for Essential Instruction, and plan classroom instruction to support student learning.

English Language Arts

ELA Workshop Powerpoint

This powerpoint outlines a strategy for developing understanding the NECAP standards for reading and writing.  Specific instructional strategies for classroom application are presented with links to resources.  Slides include notes for re-presenting. 


This PowerPoint presentation outlines the use of the Appendices of the NECAP GLEs to help guide instruction, as well as providing a sample strategy for solving constructed response questions.

Mathematics Workshop Powerpoint

Mathematics Workshop - PDF

GLE's Grades 2 - 8 - PDF

Released Items Material Used in the Workshop

Grade 3 - PDF Grade 4 - PDF Grade 5 - PDF Grade 6 - PDF Grade 7 - PDF Grade 8 - PDF Thinking Questions __________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Test Administration Workshop Presentation – September 2009 __________________________________________________________________________________________________________

NECAP Adobe Online Presentations for Week of April 13 through 16, 2009

NECAP overview with Susan Smith: In October 2009, Maine students in grades 3-8 will take part in the New England Common Assessment Program, known as NECAP, in reading, mathematics, and a field test in writing. This presentation is designed for principals and test coordinators and will provide an overview of the NECAP standards, administration dates, test design, session lengths, accommodations, administration policies, reporting, etc.

NECAP Overview PowerPoint (Slides Only)

NECAP Overview Audio/Video Presentation*

Math, Grades 3-5 or Grades 6-8, with Dan Hupp: The mathematics sessions will focus on the NECAP math standards and the design/structure of the math tests. Other topics addressed in the math sessions include testing resources, calculator use, released items and reports. Instructional strategies will be featured throughout the presentation.

Math Grades 3-5 PowerPoint (Slides Only)

Math Grades 3-5 Audio/Video Presentation*

Math Grades 6-8 PowerPoint (Slides Only)

Math Grades 6-8 Audio/Video Presntation*

Reading, Grades 6-8 with Patsy Dunton or Grades 3-5 with Diana Doiron: These sessions introduce the NECAP standards which are referred to as grade level expectations and articulated with much greater specificity than in our Maine Learning Results.  Vocabulary, literary text, and informational text standards are divided into initial understanding and analysis categories.  Grades 3 and 4 also include a standard articulating word identification and decoding strategies.  Grades 5-8 do not include this standard. We discuss how test items measure the NECAP standards and suggest possible strategies or focus areas for instruction.

Reading and Writing Grades 6-8 PowerPoint (Slides Only)

Reading and Writing Grades 6-8 Audio/Video Presentation*

Reading and Writing, grades 3-5 PowerPoint (Slides Only)

Reading and Writing, grades 3-5 Audio/Video Presentation*

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