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No Child Left Behind - Title II-D Competitive Grant Historical Information
Enhancing Education Through Technology


On this page you'll find several documents that were developed during the process of awarding the Title IID Grants.


Title IID Competitive Grant 2008-2009 MLTI/eMINTS Regional Professional Development


FY 09 School Year 2008-09 IID Formula Grant 1.75% cut from last year

Final Allocations posted 7/10/08

Title IID limits administrative activities up to 3% of the grant total in both the competitive and non-competitive portions of the grant. posted 5/2/08


FY 08 School Year 2007-08 State Total same as last year

Final Allocations posted 7/18/07


FY 07 School year 2006-07 48% cut

Grant Estimates posted 6/14/06  Minor change Lewiston & Auburn for non-public changes


FY06 IID Non-competitive Final Grant Allocations Revised 7/11/05 Slightly more funding than expected

FY06 IID Non-competitive Non-public schools Breakdown Revised 7/11/05


Final FY05 IID Allocations

Title IID Dollar Breakdown FY 05 (Non-public Schools)


Final 04 Allocations

Title IID Dollar Breakdown  FY 04 (Non-Public Schools)