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No Child Left Behind-ParaPro Assessment

  • Available in Maine by January 2004
  • Paper and pencil version in designated sites
  • Computer version available in each district
  • Can be taken more than once….thirty day wait-period between “takes”  
  • Test  fee is $40.
  • Study kits are available (for a fee); “Test at a Glance” booklets also available (free), contact:  

   The test will measure skills and knowledge in reading, math and writing.

  • Takes approximately 2 ½ hours
  • 90 questions
  • Approximately 2/3 of the questions in each area focus on basic skills and knowledge, and 1/3 of the questions focus on application of  the skills and knowledge in a classroom context.
  • Five questions in each section are pretest questions and do not count toward your score.

Once the ParaPro is available, each person taking and passing the ParaPro Assessment must submit an EFC-308P form to the LEA’s (Local Educational Agency) NCLBA Certification Contact Person.  The Contact Person will forward the form to the State Certification Office.   Once accepted by the State, the Certification Office will issue a new authorization card  with the NCLBA endorsement code.