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Dear Superintendent Green:


As part of Maineís No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) responsibility, each grant recipient must be monitored according to the Stateís current monitoring procedures to ensure compliance with the requirements of NCLB. ††This communication is to notify RSU 99 that it has been selected to be monitored this school year.


This is the first year of a five-year cycle whereby all school administrative units (SAUs) receiving NCLB funds will participate in a document and process review.This review will incorporate both programmatic and fiscal components, and determine if an SAU will receive an on-site visit.A telephone call may occur if the review team has follow-up questions.Once the review has occurred, the review team will determine:1) if the review is satisfactory and no on-site visit is required;or 2) if there is reasonable concern and an on-site visit will be required.Either option will include a written follow-up letter.


In order for the review to be completed, the SAU must submit by October 30, 2012, all required documents and responses to key questions to the attached NCLB Monitoring Tool in an electronic format to its assigned NCLB Monitoring Team Coordinator.If a document is not available in an electronic format, the SAU may submit a paper version.If a document is posted on the SAUís website, a direct link to that document may be provided.If the SAU fails to complete the submission of documents and responses as outlined in the NCLB Monitoring Tool by October 30, 2012, the SAU will be scheduled for an on-site visit.


RSU 99ís NCLB Monitoring Team Coordinator is John Doe, and hiscontact information is jdoe@RSU99.zzzand phone number is 999-9999.Should an on-site visit be required, it will be scheduled on 3/30/13.†† All documentation will be reviewed by the NCLB Monitoring Team by December 30, 2012, and the follow-up letter will be mailed by January 30, 2013.


Monitoring resources will be located at ††by September 1, 2012.A webinar is scheduled for September 19, 2012, at 11:00 review the resources and answer any questions.The webinar link is


If you have specific concerns, please contact your MDOE Monitoring Team Coordinator using the above information or Jackie Godbout at 624-6705 or




Rachelle Tome, Federal Program Director

Elementary & Secondary Education Act


Cc:Jane Smith, NCLB Coordinator