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File Transfer Protocol (FTP) To Upload NCLB Monitoring Documents

The FTP process allows the upload of the review documents to a secure location.  To facilitate the process, document files are saved in a folder that is created in your system.  The desktop serves as a good location.  The FTP site is a shared site.  Therefore, it is necessary to name the document files in the following format: name of school administrative unit followed by the document number that corresponds with the requested document number in the FY13 Monitoring tool e.g:  RSU99_D1.doc, RSU99_D2.pdf, RSU99_D3.doc.  The response document file could be named RSU99_Response.doc and contain all the responses.  To minimize confusion, when gathering documents for the review, rename documents as you locate them and save them in your folder.  Ensure that the appropriate program association code [.pdf, .doc] is maintained in the new document file name.


1)      If you are using Internet Explorer 8, you may need to activate TLS 1.0.  Do this by going to Tools>Internet Options>Advanced and scroll down to the security section, activate TLS 1.0, click OK.

2)      Go to the MOVEit website by entering in a browser window.

3)      On the MOVEit Homepage, Sign On Username:  Doe_Titles and Password: tt27le [“l” is lower case L]

4)      Once logged in, click on Install the Upload/Download Wizard (ActiveX).  This is a very quick install; then click OK.

5)      Call Jackie Godbout at 624-6712 with questions or issues with accessing MoveIt or installing the Upload/Download Wizard.

Upload Process

6)      On MOVEit Homepage, scroll down to Upload Files Now… click on CLICK HERE to Launch Upload/Download Wizard.

7)      Choose:  Add Folder or (for one document file only , choose:  Add File

8)      Locate your folder (or document file) in your system; then click OK.

9)      Choose:   This Directory Only; then click OK

10)  Choose:  Next

11)  Choose:  Upload Files Individually; then click Next.

12)  When all document files have been uploaded, you will automatically return to the MOVEit Homepage.  You will see the names and # of document files that have been uploaded.

13)  If OK, click Sign Out in upper right corner.  If not OK, call your NCLB Monitoring Team Coordinator or Jackie Godbout [624-6705].

14)  Once ALL document files are uploaded, email your NCLB Monitoring Team Coordinator as noted in your initial Monitoring email notice dated August 24, 2012 for most superintendents or August 27, 2012 for most NCLB Coordinators, so he or she can go retrieve the files.


N:\DOE at NCLB\Monitoring\FY13 Letters\FTP Upload Process-1.docx