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Student Enrollment Instructions for Special Purpose Private Schools

The MEDMS / Infinite Campus State Edition Student module is online for the new school year in mid-August.  All special purpose private schools must enroll students as a Partial Service Type. Primary Service Type enrollments are the responsibility of the sending Public School (the school that is involved in the student's IEP) or are to be enrolled by the Maine Department of Education for students who fit the residential category* (see below).

General Instructions:

  • Partial (formerly Concurrent) enrollments can only be entered after the sending school has entered the Primary (formerly Main) enrollment. The system will not accept Primary enrollments from special purpose private schools and will not accept a Partial enrollment without an active Primary enrollment.
  • Steps to access a student's record:
    • Login to Infinite Campus State Edition.
    • Click on the Index tab in the upper left of the Infinite Campus web page.
    • Click on Student Information under your name.
    • Click on Student Locator under Student Information.
    • In Student Locator add the student's last name, first name and gender or the State Student ID if you know it and click Search.
    • To verify that the student you want to enroll is listed you can hold your mouse pointer over the listing and a pop-up will appear with the student's Primary enrollment information. Click the listing for the student that you want to enroll. NEVER click on a listing with no birth date or state student ID. Call the MEDMS Help Desk at 624-6896 if you have questions.
  • Steps to add student enrollments:
    • Next you will add data to the required data fields with the RED titles in the Enrollment Detail section at the bottom of the page. Make sure to choose S: Partial as the Service Type. The required fields are as follows:
      • General Enrollment Information Section
        • Grade
        • Service Type
        • Start Date
        • Start Status
    • Click Save. PLEASE NOTE: This saves an incomplete enrollment for the student.
    • To complete the enrollment click on the Enrollments tab. This will display a listing for the enrollment you just added. This enrollment is incomplete and must be finished to become valid.
    • Click on your enrollment listing for the student to open the entire form.
    • Add the appropriate data to the required data fields (in RED) in the State Reporting Fields section. The required fields in this section are:
      • State Reporting Fields
        • English Proficiency
        • Home Language
        • Resident Town Code
        • Resident SAU
        • Economic Indicator
        • Fiscal Responsibility
      • Note: It is important for the Resident Town and the Resident SAU of this enrollment to match the Resident Town and the Resident SAU of the Primary enrollment. If these fields do not match, the sending district will not be funded properly under Essential Programs and Services (EPS). If a student moves or changes sending school, it is imperative to update the special purpose private school enrollment to match the new Primary enrollment.
    • Click Save.
    • Note: It is important that the enrollment is ended with the appropriate End Status and End Date upon the last day of attendance.

*Students who Fit the Residential Category
Students who meet the following criteria are to be enrolled with a primary enrollment by the Maine Department of Education before a partial enrollment can be created:

    • Student is a State Agency Client
    • Student is receiving special education services
    • Student is 100% educated as the same facility where they reside

Please contact Denise Towers at 624-6655 if a student requires an MDOE primary enrollment.
Note: When creating a partial enrollment for students enrolled by MDOE, select "Maine Department of Education" for the Resident Town AND Resident SAU and select "F: 100% State/Federal Funding" for Fiscal Responsibility on the Enrollments tab.

Steps to download the All Attending Students Report

School unit administrators may review the students that have been enrolled in the MEDMS/Infinite Campus State Edition (ICSE) by logging into ICSE and implementing the following steps:

  • Go to the ICSE login page, type in Username and Password and click Sign In.
  • Click on the Index tab in the upper left of the Infinite Campus web page.
  • In the list that appears click on ME State Reporting (near the bottom of the list).
  • Under ME State Reporting click on Attending Student Download.
  • Select the desired school year from the year drop down at the top part of the page.
  • Click Generate Report. The report will contain a listing of all enrolled students and their enrollment data.
  • At this point a dialog box will appear on your screen with the question “Do you want to open or save this file?”  We recommend that you “save” this file to an appropriate place on your computer or network drive.

Helpful Resources Available

Helpful resources are available on the MEDMS Student Information website:

  1. Student Data Entry Completion Status
    • This is a report that shows the number of Primary Enrollments, Invalid Enrollments, Missing Race/Ethnicity, and Concurrent Enrollments for each School. If you see Invalid Enrollments or Missing Race/Ethnicity listed next to your school, this means you are missing some or all of the required fields in the State Reporting Fields section or Race/Ethnicity on the Identities tab. Call the MEDMS Helpdesk for assistance in clearing these up. Invalid Enrollments and students Missing Race/Ethnicity will not be counted in your EPS / State subsidy.

If you have any general student enrollment questions, please contact Rick Bergeron, Tel. (207) 624-6799 or e-mail

If you have any questions regarding the MEDMS/ICSE Student module, please contact the MEDMS Helpdesk, Tel. (207) 624-6896 or e-mail