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Alternative Organizational Structures (AOS's)

Data Reporting Guidance for Alternative Organizational Structures (AOSs)

The Maine Department of Education would like to provide guidance regarding data reporting for Alternative Organizational Structures (AOSs). It is necessary for the AOS member entities to report as separate units for state, federal and other non-fiscal state reporting purposes. In the following instructions the individual units that are members of an AOS will be referred to as “member entities”.

AOSs should report data in the following manner:

Infinite Campus student data
Students will need to have their resident SAU reported as the member entities that make up the AOS.

  • Schools in Infinite Campus will belong to the member entities within the AOS, meaning that students will have to be entered by users who have access to those member entities.
  • Those AOSs that upload data will need to do separate uploads for each member entity within the AOS.

Reporting, including assessment and Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP), will be done at the member entity level. AOS staff working with student data will need to have an Infinite Campus State Edition login for the member entities within the AOS and also a login for the AOS itself. The member entities within each AOS will continue to use the SAU IDs that were used previously. The AOS will receive its own unique ID for reporting purposes.

MEDMS staff data
Staff data will need to be reported under the member entity that is the employer:

  • School staff and those staff associated only with a member entity in the AOS will need to be reported to the employing member entity.
  • AOS staff (superintendents, administrative staff, business managers, and other central office staff that are AOS employees) will need to be reported to the AOS.

Those needing access to the MEDMS staff system will require a login for the member entities within the AOS and also a login for the AOS itself. Member entity usernames and passwords will be the same as last year. AOS staff will need to be assigned usernames and passwords for the AOS. AOSs with Infinite Campus District Edition will need to enter their staff directly into the MEDMS staff system.

Other Applications

The MEDMS Financial System will receive data at both the AOS level and member entity level.

Highly Qualified Teacher, School Approval, Transportation, etc. – forms will need to be filled out at the member entity level, not at the AOS level.

School Food reimbursement (NEO) data will be reported and reimbursed at the member entity level unless the AOS reorganization plan indicates that food services are administered by the AOS and not the member entities.

AYP and Assessment reporting will be done at the member entity level, not at the AOS level.

If you have questions regarding data and how it is to be entered into the various systems, please contact the MEDMS Helpdesk at 624-6896 or email at .

updated 9/11/14