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Student Data Upload Format

Student Data Upload Changes for School Year 2014-2015
      Upload Changes with Details
XML Schemas and Sample Files for 2014-2015
XML Root Schemas
     Student Personal
     Student Enrollment
CSV and XML Sample Upload Files
          Student Personal -    CSV,  XML
          Student Enrollment -   CSV,  XML
          Truancy -   CSV,  (XML is not available at this time, Infinite Campus is working on it)
          FRAM Eligibility -   CSV (other acceptable file formats are fixed-width and tab delimited)
Student Data Upload Error Messages
Error Messages with Explanations
Data Dictionaries
Student Personal Data Dictionary
Student School Enrollment Data Dictionary
Truancy Data Dictionary
FRAM Eligibility Data Dictionary
Staff and Student Data Standards
Helpful Links
The following links provide a good overview and reference to XML Schemas, (maintained by the World Wide Web Consortium):