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Special Education Data Codes

Exceptionality Code

Exceptionality Description

01 Intellectual Disability
02 Hearing Impairment
03 Deafness
04 Speech and Language Impairment
05 Visual Impairment including Blindness
06 Emotional Disability
07 Orthopedic Impairment
08 Other Health Impairment
09 Specific Learning Disability
10 Deaf-Blindness
11 Multiple Disabilities
12 Developmentally Delayed (valid only for 4yr Old, EK, K)
13 Autism
14 Traumatic Brain Injury

Special Ed Setting Code


A Regular class 80% or more of the day
B Regular class no more than 79% to 40% of the day
C Regular class less than 40% of the day
D Separate school
E Residential facility
F Homebound/Hospital
G Correctional facility
H Parentally placed in private school
I Community-based Setting (CDS only)
J Regular EC at least 10 hrs/wk in regular program (CDS only)
K Regular EC at least 10 hrs/wk in other location (CDS only)
L Regular EC less than 10 hrs/wk in regular program (CDS only)
M Regular EC less than 10 hrs/wk in other location (CDS only)
N Separate class (CDS only)
O Other location (CDS only)
P Home (CDS only)

Exit Reason Code


01 Graduation with diploma
03 Reached maximum age
04 Dropped out
05 Status unknown
06 Exited to regular education
07 Moved out-of-district, known to be continuing
08 Still receiving special education services
09 Deceased
10 Moved, not known to be continuing
11 Exited to school age special education services (CDS only)
12 Parents refuse services (CDS only)

Updated 9/11/14