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Archived material. This page is no longer maintained.

Recreation Management Program

University of Maine at Machias

Promising Approaches

(3) Design/implement programs linking community service to curriculum.

(4) Provide opportunities for students to be engaged in their communities

(8) Involve students in developing and sustaining of campus/community partnerships


The UMM Recreation Management program infuses service learning program development and implementation across its curriculum. Each project includes coordination with local governmental agencies, community groups, and non-profit organizations. The projects themselves develop citizenship and enrich community capacity. Projects include the annual East Machias canoe race, the Machias "haunted forest," and the Down East Special Olympics. Annual ad hoc activities also include such projects as facility design for municipal parks and fairgrounds. These projects allow students to apply their academic program and facility design learning to community development. In the process, they learn how to engage as citizens in a wide range of governmental and community organizations (e.g. town governments, state conservation agencies, recreation interest groups, and environmental organizations).

Special Features

Civic Learning Goals

  • Civic Knowledge:  Understand the role that governmental and non-governmental organizations have in developing community and recreational opportunities.
  • Civic Skills:  Ability to coordinate with schools and local civic organizations in the design and implementation of projects; develop recreation models that ensure access for individuals of all ages and abilities.
  • Civic Attitudes/Dispositions:  Recognize the importance of citizen initiative in the development of community improvement; enhance understanding of and appreciation for diversity within communities.

Contact Information

William Eckart and Rick Scribner,



Campaign for the Civic Mission of Schools: Education for Democracy