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Updated 06/02/06...wl

Archived material. This page is no longer maintained.

Community Toolkit

The Community Toolkit is a guide designed to help community and business leaders, as well as youth, consider new ways of collaborating so that more young people become engaged in a wide array of civic activities and organizations. These collaborations can help community organizations address important needs today as well as begin preparing the next generation of community and business leaders. The following sections suggest ideas for involving young people in their communities.
Each section includes some case studies as well as some tips for getting started with implementation, and numerous websites where you can explore additional ideas and case studies. The ideas presented here are meant to be a guide for how you can begin to create authentic youth-adult partnerships / youth involvement in the public life of your community.

An updated version of the Community Toolkit is now available online. Themes covered are: ~

  • Business Support for Youth Programs pdf or rtf
  • Creating an Education Program and Hiring Youth Outreach Staff pdf or rtf
  • Creating Youth Recognition Awards/Scholarships pdf or rtf
  • Developing a Youth Training/Leadership Program pdf or rtf
  • Involving Young People in the Election Process pdf or rtf
  • Mentoring Students and Visiting Schools pdf or rtf
  • Setting up Internship Programs pdf or rtf
  • Working with Youth to Address Specific Community Issues or Needs pdf or rtf
  • Youth Philanthropy pdf or rtf
  • Youth on School, Municipal, and Advisory Boards / Councils pdf or rtf
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