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Updated 11/2/12...sam

Comprehensive Assessment System

2012 - 2013 Technical Advisory Committee on Assessment Charter  

Members are appointed by the Commissioner for three-year terms, subject to annual review.  This will include representatives from Maine public school personnel, Department personnel, and State and national assessment specialists. 

Agendas will be distributed in advance of meetings.  Meeting notes will include recommendations made and a summary of issues discussed.

TAC recommendations will be made by consensus whenever possible.  The co-chairs will determine the specifics of this.  When consensus cannot be reached, results of a vote shall be recorded.  The chair will restate a recommendation once it has been made.

In general, the chair will speak on behalf of TAC unless additional people are designated to be spokespeople on a specific matter by the chair.  TAC meeting minutes will be available for distribution to DOE personnel and assessment contractors.  Communications with the media and with school administrative units will be coordinated through the Maine Department of Education Director of Communications.  Communications with the US Education Department will be coordinated through the Maine Chief of Staff. 

The chair for the TAC will be appointed by the Commissioner.  The chair will be the Assessment Coordinator.  A Department staff member will attend all meetings to make a record of proceedings. 

Charter Life: 
The Charter may be revised after the first meeting of the TAC, subject to review of the Commissioner.  It will be reviewed annually, and will continue in effect for three years.