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About Us

The HIV Prevention Education Program at the Department of Education provides annual training and technical assistance to school administrative units and youth-serving agencies on the issues surrounding HIV.

The Department supports the implementation of researched, evidence-based HIV prevention curricula by offering no cost resources, training and implementation grants.  These curricula have been shown to be effective in reducing adolescent HIV risk behaviors.

Program Goal:  Decrease the incidence of risk behaviors associated with HIV, STDs, and unplanned pregnancy among school-aged youth.  

Strategies used to accomplish goal:

  • Increase communication on the need for a renewed focus on adolescent HIV, STDs, and unwanted pregnancy prevention
  • Provide professional development and technical assistance
  • Engage youth HIV teams in an HIV prevention process
  • Strengthen partnerships with departments and youth-serving agencies
  • Deliver trainings on how to reach youth at disproportionate risk for HIV, STDs, and unwanted pregnancy

Program Overview

Program History


Revised:  Sep. 17, 2012