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9 AM - 12 NOON


ATTENDEES: Patrick Phillips, Mary Madden, Lisa Plimpton, Harry Osgood, and Sharon Wilson-Barker

REVIEW OF ABSTRACTS OF RESOURCES: Harry's abstracts were reviewed. The Team recommended that the abstracts be grouped by research question number and then posted as a resource to the website, rather than included in the report. [Followup - Harry will implement this recommendation.]

DISCUSSION OF FURTHER REFINEMENTS TO THE REPORT: The Research Team recommended that the efforts of the Task Force be focused on the Report, not a video. The Research Team also recommended that the Department inquire into the availability of a research writer (from UMO/CRE or USM/MEPRI) to direct the writing of the Report, given its substantial reliance on research. [Followup- Patrick will contact Walt Harris and/or David Silvernail to discuss this recommendation, and will work with Susan to identify the most feasible way of contracting for and funding this service.] Other suggestions included: develop one chapter in response to one research question as a test of how that approach works; include a rational of why this work is important; link the Report to The Search Institute's assets model. The Team recommended that these suggestions be shared with the research writer, for further development, if appropriate.

IDENTIFICATION OF RESOURCES NEEDED TO STRUCTURE MODEL FOR YOUTH RESPONSE: The Team recommended that we ask Peter Benson of the Search Institute to direct us to resources that work with the assets model or the assets inventory in a way that help identify/address gender issues in education . [Followup - Susan sent this inquiry to Peter Benson today, by email, c/o the Search Institute.] The Team recommended that we ask Ailene Fortune of the USM/Cooperative Extension to join us for part of either of the next two meetings of the Research Team, to discuss the Gender Project that she is conducting in certain Maine schools . [Follow-up - Susan sent this invitation to Ailene today, by email, c/o The Gender Project at the Cooperative Extension.] The Team recommended that we invite a conversation with Cheryl DiCara and Sue O'Halloran on their work with the CDC on suicide in the Midcoast area, and the ways in which the Task Force can support their work and vice versa. [Susan sent an invitation to Cheryl today, by email, and suggested they join us for part of either of the next two meetings of the Research Team.]

The Team identified the following Youth Voice Common Questions/Topics that will be important to structure the process for canvassing youth; they are associated with certain of the Task Force's research questions, as indicated by number:

RQ 4: learning styles/classroom strategies

RQ 5: early developmental experiences

RQ 6: school climate

RQ: 7: adult influences in learning and development; what gender are the influences?; any difference in male/female influences?; what do they do to influence youth?

RQ 8: social constructs (race, ethnicity, etc.)

RQ 9: social institutions (reflections of culture, race, ethnicity, etc.)

RQ 10: family context

[Followup - Mary will take the list of topics and will scan the research reports to match the topics with the available research she scans.]

The Team also identified some methodological considerations:

1. need to identify/consider "which" boy or girl is being surveyed/canvassed

2. need to identify/consider the age group being survey/canvassed

3. need to consider who does the surveying/canvassing and how it is structured, to ensure credibility

4. need to define the purpose/use of youth data and develop a method to match

[Followup - Mary will take the list of methodological considerations and will scan the research reports to match the considerations with the available research she scans.]

NEXT STEPS: The next two meetings of the Research Team have been scheduled for September 21, 2004 and October 12, 2004, both from 1 PM - 4 PM, here at the Department of Education in Room 541 (5 th floor, SOB). If either of the parties invited to join us at one of our next meetings (Ailene Fortune, or Cheryl DiCara and Sue O'Halloran), notice of their participation will be sent with the email agenda sent to the Research Team members prior to each meeting.