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Minutes of Gender Task Force Research Team Meeting, March 24, 2004


We have 4 new members of the Research Team - Harry Osgood (DOE), Lyn Brown (Colby), Rich Kent (UMO), and Laurie Lachance SPO). Rich Kent is here today, and Michael Montagna is here for Laurie Lachance; Harry and Lyn had previous commitments but will be included in all email correspondence. Michael will debrief with Laurie after this meeting and let us know if he or Laurie will be the person from the SPO to sit on the Research Team/Task Force.


Susan shared Lyn Brown's concern that we not concentrate our efforts on boys' issues to the exclusion of girls' issues, and that we remain mindful of the importance of not presenting this work as a "zero sum game". Patrick called in from the airport in Washington, DC to reiterate the importance of establishing a context of gender equity as the context for the work of the Research Team and the Task Force.


1. The Name of the Task Force (see attachment for two titles to be considered by entire Task Force).

2. The Charge of the Task Force (see attachment for charge to be considered by entire Task Force).

3. Participants and Roles (see attachment - Speakers and Advisors are fluid categories).

4. Anticipated Costs - the Department is hoping to use some carryover funds from the Character Education Partnership grant that ends this year for publication costs and for any website costs for the electronic clearinghouse that may be incurred; the Mitchell Institute has offered to cover the operational costs of the Task Force meetings (refreshments, meeting locations, etc.). The Department appreciates this contribution very much - thank you! The clearinghouse materials are being collected as they are forwarded by Research Team members, for posting on the web site once it is established.

5. Bibliography - hard copies of the bibliographies prepared by Lisa Plimpton and Rich Kent were distributed and they are included in the clearinghouse materials referenced in #4, above. Rich Kent also distributed copies of an article by Thomas Newkirk (UNH), who is recommended as an Advisor.

6. Lending Library - the 3 books that the Department ordered for use by the Task Force have arrived (6 copies of each) and were distributed to any members requesting copies. Borrowers are asked to observe a loan period of "meeting to meeting" - borrow at one meeting and return at the next, to ensure that the books will be available to circulate through all the members of the entire Task Force.

REVIEW/DISCUSSION OF COMPILED RESEARCH QUESTIONS (see attachment for questions to be reviewed by entire Task Force)


1. Wednesday, April 14, 2004 from 2 PM - 4:30 PM at the Department of Education.

2. Agenda for next meeting: (a) discuss interface between the role of the Research Team and the role of the entire Task Force in preparation for first full Task Force Meeting on May 6, 2004 from 9:30 AM - 12:30 PM; (b) discuss possible work plans, timelines, subcommittee assignments; and (c) identify outstanding issues/questions for Task Force re: scope of inquiry (e.g., measure of aspirations/achievement of students who do not elect college as a post-secondary plan; incorporation of students/issues associated with juvenile justice programs in Maine, etc.)