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Organizational Meeting: Task Force on Gender Acheivement Differences 
March 5, 2004

Attending: Patrick Phillips, Sharon Wilson-Barder, Carla Ritchie, Lisa Plimpton, Walt Harris, Mary Madden, Duke Albanese, Susan Corrente

Review of Agenda: (Patrick)

Impetus for the Convening of a Task Force: (Patrick, Duke, Lisa)

Data Shared to Date by Research Team (RT) Members: (all except Patrick, Susan)

Charge to the Task Force (all):
-Significant elements charted
- Susan will formulate into a charge and circulate to the RT by email for review/response [SEE BELOW]
- Once formulated, should inform title of the Task Force [SEE BELOW]

Work of the Research Team:
-Will be informed by charge, once formulated; Susan will solict research questions relative to the charge from RT when charge is circulated to the RT [SEE BELOW}
- Some background resources identified; to be ordered for use of RT and the Task Force

-Names proposed for four categories: RT, Task Force, Advisors, and Speakers
- Patrick will review the lists with the Commissioner
- Lists will then be circulated to the RT for confirmation [SEE BELOW]
- Once confirmed with RT, invitations from Commissioner to Task Force; contact from Patrick to others

Anticipated Outcomes:
-Raise public awareness of issue
- Share pertinent research and identify issues in need of further study (Report)
- Action Plan for schools to implement (e.g., instructional practices, etc.)

Proposed Schedule:
-Research - ongoing but principally in summer; need 3-4 months to analyze available data
- Task Force Meetings - April through Fall, 2004
- Product (Report; Action Plan) - Fall, 2004
- Public Promotion ( Blaine House Conference) - Fall 2004

Anticipated Costs:
-RT will bring suggestions to next RT meeting

Facilitation of Communication:
- Susan will ensure coordinated communication via email and will facilitate meeting

Next Steps:
-Susan will coordinate responses from RT to items below
- RT members will begin to develop a common bibliography -shared, via email
- Next Meeting of RT: March 24, 2004 from 1:30 - 4:30 at DOE
- First Two Meetings of Task Force Tentative for May 6 and June 3, 2004 , 9:30 - 12:30