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Research Team Meeting
June 20, 2005
2 PM - 4 PM
Cross State Office Building, Room # 500

Attending: Sharon Wilson-Barker, Carla Ritchie, Lyn Brown, Mary Madden, Rob Pfeiffer, Susan Corrente (facilitator)

WELCOME: Harry had a commitment this afternoon and Rich was in Augusta earlier today but not this afternoon.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF MAY 23, 2005 MEETING: The minutes were approved by consensus.

UPDATE ON WORK OF THE EVENT PLANNING TEAM AND PRESENTATION OF PROPOSAL TO STATE BOARD: Mary and Susan reported on the recent update on this work to the State Board, and reviewed the list of recommendations from them that had been sent earlier to the team members by email. Mary reported that she came away from the presentation with some pointers on how best to present the data to keep the emphasis on the right issues. There was agreement on the recommendations. Susan reported that Shelley had identified UMO and USM as the two guidance counselor prepatory programs in the State and they are among the 14 prep programs referenced by the State Board in recommendation # 4. They would be invited to form their own group as districts will do as regional groups.

Susan also reviewed the recommended changes to the documents reviewed this morning by the Event Planning Team (see above). Team members recommended that we not send 1 video that is only on boys with the invitation, given that we have tried to be sure this work wasn't seen as focused on one gender over another. Rather, they recommended that Rob’s video on boys be shown at the workshop along with Lyn's suggested video "Girls Will Be Girls”, to ensure balance. There was consensus that it would be ideal if Rob introduced his video, since his credibility as a person working with and knowing these boys will make it very effective; likewise, it would be ideal if Lyn could introduce the video on girls at the workshop, given her work with girls and her research in this area.

Lyn also recommended that, because the Sadker video is dated, it be introduced in its historical context, with some introduction on how it remains useful and how it may be dated. The team agreed that it would be ideal if Lyn could introduce this video, given her background in this research area.

UPDATE/REFINEMENTS TO REPORT: Mary had already followed up on the State Board's and the Commissioner's recommendations re: PSAT data and she will continue to look at that. She will also ask the College Board (Arthur Doyle) for disaggregated data, where it would be helpful. A team member recommended that she also contact Wendy Ault for data.

Mary distributed 3 handouts ("Strategies Designed to Foster Gender Equity", chart/literature search on "boys and literacy", and chart/literature search on "learning strategies to help girls in Math and Science") that address promising practices and team members noted a few areas that didn't seem to be covered yet, perhaps because they are issues identified since the publication of the document (e.g., issue not identified - that it isn't "cool" for boys to be smart) or because the focus is just on gender (e.g., issue not identified - SES/race). Mary is also preparing one on SES and one on school climate. She will also be reviewing Rich Kent's manuscript.

The team also identified a need for the report to contextualize the recommendations for teachers by reference to other initiatives underway in the Department (e.g., more democratic school structures; no tracking; assessment requirements) and to reconcile them, where necessary.

NEW ASSIGNMENTS: Susan will email Department staff re: breakdown of PSAT data (copy to Mary) for any disaggregated data they may have. She will also email Rich Kent for his thoughts on how to use responsive techniques in contexts that are also required to meet testing requirements and which may not be prepared to be entirely "responsive classrooms". Mary will continue to collect data and promising practices, and will send a copy of the report to all members prior to the July 20 Research Team meeting for their review. She'll also send Rob the outline of the report so far, and updated bullets as they are developed.

TIMELINE: Complete draft report at next meeting; present it at August 25, 2005 Task Force meeting.

NEXT MEETING: July 20, 2005, 2 PM - 4 PM, Cross State Office Building, # 500.