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Task Force On Gender Equity In Education


The charge of the Task Force is to:

  1. summarize recent studies and gather data on the discrepancy between male and female achievement in Maine students, as manifested in: pre K-12 performance measures; student expressions of aspirations; post-secondary plans, education, training; career choices/readiness; college application/acceptance rates; and post-secondary performance measures, in order to
  2. identify societal norms and specific factors (e.g., gender, socio-economic status, level of parental education, geography, instructional practices) associated with the discrepancy, in order to
  3. develop proposals for action to guide both State and local educational policy and program development designed to ensure gender equity for Maine students, and to
  4. suggest additional areas of study that may contribute to an understanding and effective response to the gender equity issues identified, and to
  5. identify indicators to monitor progress on promoting gender equity.