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Revised May 16, 2011

Special Education Exit Data Information

Students who have exited special education services during the school year must have special education exit information added to their enrollments in Infinite Campus.  Units are required to certify the data using the report called “Special Ed Exit Certification”, found in Infinite Campus State Edition (ICSE).  Please contact your special education staff to ensure that students are exited appropriately. 

Special Ed Exit Reasons:
For each student who has exited services or exited your school administrative unit, choose one option listed below. If there is a special circumstance, use your best judgement to fit the student into one of the categories. Newly added students or students who are continuing in your school administrative unit do not require exit data. The following exit reason options are:

  1. Graduation with Diploma - exited an educational program through receipt of a high school diploma identical to that for which non-disabled students are eligible.  Met the same standards for graduation as those students without disabilities.
  2. Graduation through Certificate/Fulfillment of IEP - exited an educational program through receipt of a certificate of completion, certificate of attendance, or some similar mechanism.
  3. Reached Maximum Age - exited special education as a consequence of reaching the maximum age (20 years old prior to June 30) for receipt of special education services and did not receive a diploma or certificate of completion.
  4. Dropped Out - exited special education as a consequence of dropping out of school without completing the individual education program, were enrolled at some point in the reporting year, were not enrolled at the end of the reporting year and did not exit by other means listed.
  5. Status Unknown - exited the educational system but specific causes of departure could not be determined or were not known.
  6. Exited to Regular Education - exited to regular education as a result of completion of an IEP and termination of special education services.
  7. Moved Out-of-District, Known to be Continuing - moved out of the school administrative unit and known to be continuing in another educational program.
  8. Still Receiving Special Education Services - no longer used
  9. Deceased
  10. Moved, Not Known to be Continuing
  11. Exited to School Age Special Education Services - should ONLY be used by CDS Services - moved out of the school administrative unit and not known to be continuing in another educational program.
  12. Parents Refuse Services - should ONLY be used by CDS Services, otherwise use Exited to Regular Education.

To exit students from Special Education:

  • Enter the special education Exit Date and Exit Reason on the enrollment in which the Special Ed Status is "Yes".
  • The Exceptionality, Special Ed Setting, and Start Date should have already been entered on the same enrollment.

All special education students who exit special education services during the school year should be given a special education exit reason and exit date in Infinite Campus. Please note that this is a change from previous years. Therefore, students who have had their enrollments exited due to transfers between schools or school units, death, dropouts, graduation, or aging out must have their special education exit information added as well. Students who are expected to be receiving special education services next year in the same school unit do not need to be exited.


How to find the Special Ed Exit Report and Special Ed Exit Certification form in ICSE:

Users with the proper access to special education in ICSE can find the report and certification form under the "ME State Reporting" section on the Index tab. You must verify your exit data using the "Special Ed Exit Report" prior to certification. This report will only include students who are no longer receiving special education services in a Maine school. For example, students who have a special education Exit Reason of “Moved Out-of-District, Known to be Continuing” will not appear on the report if they are receiving services at another Maine school (unless the following enrollment does not indicate special education services are received). If errors are found on the report, make changes in Infinite Campus, and run the report again.  Changes should not be handwritten on the certification report.

  • Select the school year
  • Select "ME State Reporting" on the Index tab
  • Open the "Special Education Reports" folder
  • Click on "Special Ed Exit Report" to verify your exit data and click "Generate Report"
  • Click on "Special Ed Exit Certification" once your exit data is correct, sign and return to the Department following instructions on the form

The "Special Ed Exit Certification" form must be certified by each school administrative unit's Special Education Director. This certification must be done before the end of the school year.