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Updated September 11, 2013

End of Year Exit Data for Students

The Infinite Campus State Edition Student Information System is rolled to the next school year at the end of June. Updates of student enrollment data for year-end reporting must be made by school units for the current reporting year before Infinite Campus State Edition is rolled forward. Please check the Commissioner's Weekly Updates for the specific roll-over date.

Title 1 Program Data-Targeted Assisted Programs:
Students who received Title 1 services in your unit at any time during the current school year must have the "Title 1A-Disadvantaged" field checked on the Enrollments tab in Infinite Campus. Do not remove the check in this field if the student no longer is a part of the program until the following school year.

Homeless status in Infinite Campus:
Students who were homeless at any time during the current school year must have the "Homeless Night-time Residence " field filled in on the Enrollments tab in Infinite Campus. Do not remove the homeless status in this field until the following school year, even if the student was homeless for only a short time during the year.

Importance of Exiting Students at the end of the school year:
The Department's calculation of your school unit's graduation and dropout rates for the current school year will be based on student enrollment data in ICSE.  To ensure a successful and timely transmission of data, and therefore accurate graduation and dropout reporting, it is important that school units take the following steps before Infinite Campus is rolled forward to the new school year:

  1. Exit high school seniors using the appropriate exit type codes including:
    • Graduated with Regular High School Diploma
      (Exit Code 15 - Completed – Graduated);
    • Completed School with Other Credentials
      (Exit Code 16 - Completed – Other Credentials);
      1. Exit code 16 should only be used for students who receive a certificate of completion/attendance.
      2. Foreign exchange students who do not receive a diploma should be exited with a code 10: Transfer to a school outside of the country.
      3. Students who receive an Adult Ed Diploma or GED should not be exited with code 16.
      4. If a student is expected to return the following school year, do not use exit code 16 as the student will not count for subsidy.
    • Reached Maximum Age for Services
      (Exit Code 20 - Maximum Age for Services);
      1. Students who turn 20 years of age on or before July 1 of the following school year must be exited with Exit Code 20.
    • Transferred to GED Program
      (Exit Code 23 - Transfer to GED program);
    • Transferred to Post-Secondary Education [prior to graduation]
      (Exit Code 24 - Transfer to Postsecondary); and
    • Transfer to an Approved Online Curriculum
      (Exit Code 26 - Transfer to an approved online curriculum).
  1. For high school seniors who will be completing their graduation requirements during the summer and after Infinite Campus State Edition is rolled forward, please contact the MEDMS Help Desk after they have completed graduation requirements, and prior to the first day of the following school year.  The students’ current enrollment will be updated by the MEDMS Help Desk.
  2. Exit all students who are known to be leaving their schools at the end of the current school year. This is especially important for students in grades seven (7) through twelve (12), in order to avoid issues related to the Dropouts report.
  3. Exit all students who are currently enrolled as home-schooled but will not be returning in the fall with Exit Code 13 – Transfer to home schooling. 

Examples of appropriate exit type codes can be found on the MEDMS website at: