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EF-M-14 Excel Spreadsheet Instructions:

This version of the EF-M-14 Excel Spreadsheet is designed to allow the Maine Department of Education to upload the pupil data that has been entered into the appropriate pages for your school.

The EF-M-14 Excel Spreadsheet is available from the Department of Education website: or by contacting Richard Bergeron at (207) 624-6799.

Submitting this spreadsheet by e-mail:

This spreadsheet can be opened in MS Office 2003 or greater.
If you are e-mailing the document, please attach the spreadsheet to the e-mail and send
Be sure to save the spreadsheet to your hard drive BEFORE and AFTER filling it out or your work will be lost when sending it.

Please comply with the following instructions:

  • Do not type anything in the CODE columns on the left side of each section.
  • All totals are automatically calculated.  These cells have been protected to prevent accidental entering of data in these cells.
  • Do not attempt to by-pass the spreadsheet security. It is locked down for a reason.

Supplemental 1a and 1b pages: These sheets are additional space for Section 1.

Supplemental 2a and 2b pages: These sheets are additional space for Section 2.

Signature page:  A signed printed copy of the Signature page MUST be mailed or faxed to the Department of Education.
Fax signature page to: 1-(207) 512-1150 (be sure to dial all 11 digits or the fax may got get through if the line is busy)

Or mail to:

Maine Department of Education
Finance & Operations
23 State House Station
Augusta, ME, 04333-0023

Dept. Use Only page: This sheet contains the pupil data that has been entered into the appropriate EF-M-14 pages in a format that enables us to upload data to the M.I.S. computer system. NO ENTRIES ARE NECESSARY ON THIS PAGE.