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Updated 2/28/2014 rb


Private schools with publicly funded students must report all “publicly funded students” in Infinite Campus State Edition.  In order for the public school administrative units to receive an accurate subsidy count for these students in their future State subsidy, the private schools must accurately report these publicly funded students in Infiniite Campus State Edition. The State subsidy to a public school unit is often the source of funding that a school administrative unit uses to pay the tuition for these students to attend the private schools.

Private schools that do not have any “publicly funded students” may complete only the EF-M-14 April 1st Resident Enrollment report but have the option to also enroll their non-publicly funded students in the Infinite Campus State Edition.

A “publicly funded student” is defined as a Maine resident student whose educational cost (such as tuition) has been paid for by public funds from a public entity such as the following:

  • Municipal school unit (including those in a School Union)

  • School administrative district

  • Community school district

  • Education in the Unorganized Territory

  • Maine Indian Education

  • State Funds from a State Agency such as the Maine Department of Education

  • Federal Funds from a State or Federal Agency


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