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What are Resident Subsidy Counts?

Public School Resident Subsidy Counts are the counts of students that are used in the calculation of subsidy for school administrative units. These numbers are derived from the publicly funded resident enrollment counts reported in the Maine Education Data Management System (MEDMS) twice a year, on October 1 and April 1. These numbers also include superintendant transfers.

For public school systems, the October 1 and April 1 student counts are the student counts used to determine state subsidy amounts.

Resident subsidy counts are based on where the students' parent resides.  They are counts of students who reside in each school unit and are educated at public expense.  Public school unit resident subsidizable counts include:

  1. resident students from the local school unit attending schools in the local school unit.
  2. resident students from the local unit who are tuitioned to other public school units, charter schools or private schools and who are paid for with public funds.

Resident Subsidy Counts do NOT include:

  • students educated in the Maine Indian Education system (except for the Maine Indian Education Unit)
  • students educated in State Operated schools
  • students educated in Charter schools
  • students educated in the Unorganized Territories
  • students educated in private schools (non-publicy funded)
  • students educated for free or paid for by the parents
  • students either below the minimum age or over the maximum age for services

If you are looking for Attending student counts, based on where students are enrolled, please see Attending Counts.

If you are looking for Resident student counts, based on where students live, please see Resident Enrollment.