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State of Maine
4 Year # Students # Students
School Olds Early 4-Year-Olds Early Kdgn
Administrative Unit Town Name School Name Program Kdgn Program Program
Biddeford Biddeford Biddeford Primary X 16
Brewer Brewer Capri Street School X 10
Bridgewater Bridgewater Bridgewater Grammar X 5
Brooksville Brooksville Brooksville Elementary X 4
Calais Calais Calais Elementary X 22
Caswell Caswell Dawn F. Barnes School X 9
Easton Easton Easton Elementary X 8
Eastport Eastport Eastport Elementary X 25
Fayette Fayette Fayette Central School X 10
Freeport Freeport Morse Street School X 6
Grand Isle Grand Isle Grand Isle Elementary X 6
Greenbush Greenbush Helen S. Dunn Elementary X 12
Indian Island Indian Island Indian Island School X 14
Madawaska Madawaska Madawaska Elementary X 56
New Sweden New Sweden New Sweden Consolidated X 9
Pembroke Pembroke Pembroke Elementary X 14
Peter Dana Point Peter Dana Point Indian Township School X 12
Pleasant Point Pleasant Point Beatrice Rafferty School X 18
Richmond Richmond Marcia Buker School X 45
SAD # 1 Mapleton Mapleton Elementary X 32
SAD # 1 Presque Isle Skyway Education Learning Ctr X 64
SAD # 7 North Haven North Haven Community School X 4
SAD #14 Danforth East Grand School X 9
SAD #20 Fort Fairfield Fort Fairfield Elementary X 26
SAD #22 Hampden Earl C. McGraw School X 13
SAD #24 Van Buren Gateway Elementary X 18
SAD #25 Stacyville Katahdin Elementary X 9
SAD #27 Eagle Lake Eagle Lake Elementary X 6
SAD #27 Fort Kent Fort Kent Elementary X 29
SAD #27 St. Francis St. Francis Elementary X 12
SAD #27 Wallagrass Wallagrass Elementary X 12
SAD #29 Houlton Houlton Elementary X 42
SAD #29 Monticello Wellington School X 12
SAD #33 Frenchville Dr. Levesque School X 19
SAD #35 Eliot Eliot Elementary X 59
SAD #35 South Berwick Central School X 81
SAD #39 Sumner Hartford-Sumner Elementary X 36
SAD #42 Mars Hill Fort Street School X 19
SAD #48 Hartland Hartland Consolidated X 22
SAD #56 Searsport Searsport Elementary X 30
SAD #59 Athens Athens Elementary X 12
SAD #59 Starks Starks Elementary X 6
SAD #62 Pownal Pownal Elementary X 15
SAD #67 Mattawamkeag Dr. Carl E. Troutt School X 2
SAD #67 Lincoln Ella Burr School X 21
SAD #70 Hodgdon SAD 70 Elementary X 31
SAD #71 Kennebunk Cousens School X 15
SAD #77 East Machias Mary C. Burns School X 14
Unorganized Territories Connor Township Connor Consolidated X 4
Unorganized Territories Edmunds Township Edmunds Consolidated X 6
Unorganized Territories Kingman Township Kingman Elementary X 2
Unorganized Territories Benedicta Benedicta Elementary X 1
Unorganized Territories Sinclair Township Patrick Therriault School X 3
Vanceboro Vanceboro Vanceboro Elementary X 3
Winthrop Winthrop Winthrop Grade School X 7
Woodland Woodland Woodland Consolidated X 17
Woolwich Woolwich Woolwich Central X 6
State Public 4-Year-Olds: 860
Public Early Kindergarten: 160