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TO:                  Superintendents of Schools and Directors of Special Education

FROM:             Susan A. Gendron, Commissioner

DATE:              July 12, 2007

RE:                  IDEA Part B, Web-based Local Entitlement Applications – New Additions

The recent reauthorization of Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) has necessitated the adoption of new items to be included on the web-based Local Entitlement Application for Part B funds for 2007-2008.

The citations in Part V (Policies, Procedures, and Assurances) of the Local Entitlement Application have been changed to reflect the revised 300 coding series in the new IDEA regulations.  Many of the assurance statements remain the same, only the federal citation codes have changed.

There will be additions to the Assurance page (Part V) relative to the responsibility regarding children in private schools (Section 300.129 of IDEA Regulations) and the purchase of instructional materials (Section 300.210 of IDEA regulations).

The Affirmation of Consultation with Non-Public Schools form is now included in Part V.  Public and private schools will have to sign off that they have consulted in a timely and meaningful way and have covered all the requirements in Sections 300.130-300.148 of IDEA regulations.  These statements are included on the form.  School units will be required to email the form to private schools.  Email addresses and the name of the private school in your school unit’s jurisdiction are included in this section.  Those private schools that do not have  an email address will need to be contacted by the school unit and a record of efforts to contact the private school will need to be kept.  Guidance for completing this process is included on your web-based application for FY2008.

The Purchase of Instructional Materials assurance is intended to meet the needs  of print-disabled children.  School units will have the option of participating with the National Instructional Materials Center (NIMAC) or not participating with them in providing instructional materials to print-disabled children.  The school unit, if it chooses not to participate, will need to assure that the print- disabled child’s needs for instructional materials will be met.  The school unit will signify its intent by a “yes” or “no” response to this question.  Guidance about this program and for completing this section is included on your web-based application for FY2008. 

Part IV Program Description (5-20) of the Local Entitlement Application, Questions B 8 & 9, Private School Participation has been reworded.  Question 8 continues to include a data request.  The request has been formatted to gather the number of non-public children evaluated for special services, the number determined to be children with disabilities and the number of children provided special education services.

Maintenance of Effort –A new electronic process is being instituted for FY2008 to gather the end-of-year financial figures from the EF-S-02 and EF-S-07 forms and electronically post them on the Cover Page of the Local Entitlement Application (EF-S-08) under Question 4, thereby guaranteeing a match of the EF-S-02 and EF-S-07, end-of-year financial reports with the request on the EF-S-08 (Local Entitlement Application).  You will still need to provide the budgeted figures requested on the EF-S-08.  There should be no discrepancy between the EF-S-02 and EF-S-07 figures and the amount provided on the EF-S-08.

Since the EF-S-02 and EF-S-07 figures are not available until the beginning of the school year, it will be necessary for the Maine Department of Education, Office of Special Services to contact those units whose applications were approved prior to our having the EF-S-02 and EF-S-07 figures to confirm the amount.  We will make every effort to process the applications in a timely manner to avoid delay in payments.

If you have any questions, contact John Kierstead at 624-6650 or email