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To:                   Superintendents of Schools, Business Managers and Transportation Managers

From:               Susan A. Gendron, Commissioner

Date:               July 2, 2007

Subject:           Year-End Pupil Transportation Reports – Due By July 31, 2007


The FY 2007 year-end transportation reports/data collection forms are provided to all school administrative units in electronic format for on-line submission.  The reports follow the protocol for all MEDMS reports.  The person completing the reports must have MEDMS permission as Transportation Director/Administrator in order to access the reports through the MEDMS system.

Based on the input received from SAUs during the FY 2006 reporting year, we have made some upgrades to the way the data collection reports function.  We strongly recommend that you print/refer to the Instruction Manual while completing your 2007 reports.  The Instruction Manual will be available through the reporting forms page located at  You can also find a link to it at the top of the Vehicle Inventory page and the Safety and Training page of the MEDMS reports.

The on-line pupil transportation reports will be available through the MEDMS sign-in page ( by July 1, 2007.  There are two reports required.  First, the Vehicle Inventory report (EF-T-24) includes data about all motor vehicles used for transporting students including school buses and non-school bus passenger vehicles.  It also includes information about any contractors used to provide pupil transportation vehicles and service.  Second, the Safety and Training report (EF-T-21) includes data about school bus drivers, students transported, driver and student transportation related training and vehicle crashes, driver and passenger injuries and fatalities.  Subsidy checks will be withheld, beginning with the August 2007 check, if the pupil transportation reports for your SAU(s) have not been completed by July 31, 2007.  To check the status of your reports you can go to:

If you need assistance in completing either of the pupil transportation reports, please contact Harvey Boatman at or by phone at 624-6884 or Karen Bossie at or 624-6848 or, if it is a MEDMS issue, contact the MEDMS Administrator for your SAU.