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TO:            Superintendents of Schools, School Principals, and School Nurses

FROM:       Susan A. Gendron, Commissioner of Education

DATE:        June 13, 2007

RE:            EnviroFlash – Automated Air Quality Alert System

                The U.S. Department of Environmental Protection has created a new program named EnviroFlash.  This program may be helpful as you and your schools make daily decisions about field days, recess, athletic practices, etc.

            EnviroFlash is an automated, zip code based, air quality alert system.  It is a great tool which makes it easy to be informed about the status of the Air Quality Index (AQI) at any given time.  Air quality meteorologists forecast air quality every day of the year and these forecasts are issued according to the AQI colors and categories – green (‘Good’), yellow (‘Moderate’), orange (‘Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups’ (USG), and red (‘Unhealthy’). 

            Subscribers to EnviroFlash can type in their zip code and also select the AQI level at which they wish to receive e-mails.  Every afternoon the State’s meteorologists submit their air quality forecast.  By 3:30 pm the EnviroFlash system will send the next day’s forecast to subscribers, based on their location and the criteria which they have selected.  Subscribers who wish to receive alerts for more than one location may set up multiple subscriptions.

            To sign up for EnviroFlash go to:  and click on the city nearest you.  Then type in the zip code of your choice.  To learn more about air quality go to: or and click on ‘Maine Air Quality Forecast’.  Once on the air quality forecast page you will be able to view: the forecast, past and present air quality data, exercise tips under ‘Smart Exercise’, and more.