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TO:                   Superintendents of Schools, NCLB Coordinators, Title IA Coordinators

FROM:              Susan A. Gendron, Commissioner

DATE:               May 10, 2007

SUBJECT:         No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Reporting Requirements for FY08 Grants

This is to inform school administrative units (SAUs) of the timeline and procedures for submitting the NCLB 2006-2007 School Year Performance Report and the FY2008 NCLB Application for entitlement grants under Titles IA, IIA, IID, IVA, and V.

The importance of having timely and accurate paperwork is paramount as we move forward to ensure compliance and accountability.  The Performance Report demonstrates the effectiveness of your projects, provides demographic data that we supply to USDE on how many schools/students received services, accounts for the funds, and assists in planning for the next year.  The Application sets forth projects that are based on eligible activities under each title, establishes anticipated budget expenditures, and determines measurable performance-based outcomes as a result of the projects. 

We have added a statement to the assurances page of the online application that asks you to examine each project to determine that the projects do not create barriers that impede equitable access or participation.  This statement is in the section entitled Non-Construction Programs.  This satisfies the General Education Provisions Act (GEPA) requirement that you provide equal opportunities and access to programs and services in each of your projects.

As part of the NCLB regional meetings sponsored by the Department during the month of April, districts were informed that the submission date for these Reports is August 1, 2007.  Outlined below is the procedural description:

June 1 – August 1

Accept submissions of Performance Reports and Applications with final NCLB allocation amounts. 

June 1 – July 15

Request for Additional Time beyond August 1 [only for extraordinary circumstances].

The request must describe the extraordinary circumstance causing delay and the SAU’s planned date of submission.  Request for additional time should not exceed two weeks beyond August 1 or two weeks beyond 30 days after the end of summer programming.

Address the written request to Jacqueline Soychak, c/o Lorraine Cote, NCLB Clearinghouse, 23 State House Station, Augusta, ME 04333, or e-mail the request to

June 1 – July 15 Summer 2007 Programming

Submit notification of summer 2007 programming by July 15.

The notification should contain the beginning and ending dates of the summer programming, whether it is instructional services to students or professional development programming, and the planned date of submission of the NCLB reports (no longer than 30 days after the end of summer programming). 

Address the written notification of summer programming to Jacqueline Soychak, c/o Lorraine Cote, NCLB Clearinghouse, 23 State House Station, Augusta, ME 04333, or e-mail notification to

August 1

Due date of Performance Report and Application. 

Electronic Reports must be submitted by August 1, 2007 at 5:00 p.m.

30 days after the end of summer programming given in notification above.

Due date for submission of Performance Report and Application for those SAUs with summer programming.
The State Education Agency (SEA) will review documents in chronological order of submission and must have both the Performance Report and Application.  The Performance Report will be read first, and outcomes from this Report will be considered as the Application is reviewed.

It is important to have someone check the e-mail addresses used in the electronic system during the summer, especially in August, since this will be our mechanism for corresponding with SAUs.

Submissions by SAUs with summer programming will be interspersed with the chronologically submitted Reports. 


The SEA will issue letters of approval as Reports are accepted and approved.  Monthly payments will begin following receipt of a Title’s approval letter and according to the schedule established by the Department of Administrative and Financial Services.

August 15

The SEA will issue letters regarding enforcement to SAUs who have not submitted documentation.

January 15

Carryover Financial and Narrative Report due.


If you have questions regarding review of requests for additional time, please contact Jacqueline Soychak at 624-6705. 

The electronic Performance Report and Application are open and available at:  As the SEA receives final state allocations from USDE, final SAU allocations will be posted to the state’s NCLB website under each title and the amounts will appear in the FY08 electronic application.

For technical assistance on completing the Performance Report and/or Application, continue to contact any of the NCLB Program Consultants:
Title IA                          624-6705           Jackie Godbout, Kathy Manning, Rachelle Tome
Title IIA                         624-6830           Barbara Moody

Title IID                         624-6815           Dennis Kunces
Technology Plans          287-5627           Sylvia Norton
Title IVA                        287-6475           Peter Brough
Title V                           624-6815           Dennis Kunces

Again, our hope is that together we can continue to improve on meeting the reporting timelines; and we thank you for your continued efforts in the implementation of NCLB.